Friday, May 01, 2015

a birth day....

He was thee cutest little peanut ever!

 19 years ago, my water broke
 and I spent April 24 through May 1st, 1996
in the University of Utah Hospital,
my water was low,
but I had enough to keep Landon safe, 
we worried about infection,
 I would stayed in bed all day on bedrest,
 and the sweet nurses
 would come in every couple of hours
to check on Landon, 
we were just trying to buy time..... 
every moment that we could keep him
 inside was a blessing, 
we were at 31 weeks
 and are goal
 was to get at least to 35 weeks,
 even longer if possible.....
 losing him never crossed my mind,
 so on the 8 day
of being in the hospital,
 I woke up and call for the nurse
 because I knew I was in labor, 
they brought in the ultra sound machine
 and that is when they realize
 that his heart beat was too low, 
so they yelled
 "code blue"
 about 15 nurses and dr's, were in my room
within seconds......
 they rushed me down to delivery to do a c-section,
 everything happened so fast,
 they had to get him out as fast as they could! 
 I had one sweet nurse straddled over me
 pushing on my stomach 
to wake Landon up
 to get him moving and his heart beat going,
 then when we reached the delivery room, 
they did another ultra sound
and realized that he was gone.....
......it was too late....
I went back up to my room,
 and within a few hours
I delivered the cutest little baby boy, 
he was perfect and it broke Kurt and I's hearts. 
 We got to spend time with him and just hold him
 and cry for what would have been,
we missed him already....
 our dreams of our son were shattered.

I wish we had the internet back then,
so I could have
written and documented in greater detail.
19 years seems like a life time,
 and really it is.....
He would be getting ready to go,
on his mission already!

I don't feel a sharp pain in my chest this year,
 April 24th - May 1st,
that week that I spent in the hospital
 is always the hardest for me....?
This year I'm just a little sadder than usual,
 and have a dull ache in my heart....
I'm grateful
that I'm not broken
 as I have been in the past,
 it's honestly too painful
 to have to endure that pain every year.....

Happy Birthday little buddy!
Until we meet again...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

7 years.....

We celebrated Sadie's 7th birthday!!!
two weeks ago...
we love any excuse to eat chocolate cake with delicious homemade chocolate frosting!!!
We can't believe she is 7 years old already,
I put a purple bow in her hair for the special occasion....
(which she hated!)
she has been the best dog ever....
we really luck out with her.

 Sadie, you is kind, you is smart and you is important!


P.S. RIP Winston...
(we love you Diane)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Prom 2015...

(excuse these pictures, they are taken off a picture of a picture!)

Spencer and Shaylee went to prom last Saturday and we couldn't have been happier!
We love this sweet girl.
This is the kind of girl that every mother wants their son to marry!
These two have been friends for over 3 years, since we moved to Riverton,
it helped that we were next door neighbors but,
  secretly they made a pack to go to Shaylee's senior prom together...
and they did!

and they had fun!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014....

I had a nice day. 
I LOVED being together with all my kids again,
 ( and even their boyfriends Tyler and Ryan)
we went out to eat, just enjoying good food and laughter,
 and then came home and watched "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"
and that made us laugh harder!
I love being their mom and altho it's a hard time for us all right now,
things will get better, but one thing will never change!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there...
I had a lot of sweet messages from everyone,

Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Day after Christmas...

Angelo once said to me, 25 years ago today, in the little town of Caltanissetta, Italy
 in the cutest broken English I've ever heard,
 "Happy Day after Christmas!!!
It's one of those sweet memories that will be forever engraved in my heart, mind and soul!
I can still see him standing there in my minds eye, and because he really meant what he said,
 is exactly why it has stayed with me all these years and every day after Christmas,
that phrase pops into my mind, and I smile and cry at the same time! I loved my mission! 
(some times....)
just like every missionary, some days were great and some were not so much!

we had a nice 2013 Christmas...
I have to admit, that I have been feeling quite like the Grinch since Halloween,
I wasn't really ready for all the hoopla that sometime can come with Christmas,
I just wanted it to be as simple and as sweet as it should be.
So, I didn't start decorating immediately,
(as I've done in years past!)
I slowly picked the things I wanted to pull out as decorations,
I wanted it to feel more rustic and more Christ-like, and it did to me!

The kids seem to enjoy what they received,
 Kurt and I have never gone overboard with giving them gifts galore,
so, I feel very lucky because they are always grateful for what they get...
I'm sure, they sometimes wish they were getting all the new electrical gadget that all there friends get...
 they don't seem to complain about it, at least not to my face, or they would be adding a new shiner to their list of gifts,
something I'm sure there friends wouldn't even think about asking Santa for! ha, ha.

I got a new phone with big buttons so I can actually see it,
being able to see is kind-of important to me!
was a complete surprise, since I didn't ask for one, I've dropped my old phone so many times that it had these two big black dots on the screen,  but I just thought it added more character to my phone,
it still worked, kind-of, it started dropping calls and text messages...

 Christmas morning I hear this phone ringing in the garland on top of the mantle,
all the kids of course, are acting surprised and saying "mom, you better go check it out"
so, of course, I did, and of course, it was a nice nifty new phone,
 it's just going to take me forever to figure it all out!
 but, I ain't complaining!!!! 

I'll leave you with a few photo's of our day!

Lynzie and I had a good story to remember about our p.j.'s this year....
we'll save that story for another day!

Kurt got a lot of clothes that he needed,
 lets just pre-tend that he is such a sexy model and sooo photogenic that it just wouldn't be right to show them all to ya. One is enough!

Spencer got some new shoes, 
(will his feet ever stop growing! If anyone needs to barrow some backwoods snowshoes,
 you can barrow his new tennis shoes, they're grey with a beautiful blue color!)

and a gun with a scope...everyone needs one of those, right?

Lynzie gave this to Caitlyn...it said,

"Exercise, I thought you said Accessorize!!!!

Truer words could not have been spoken about our little fashionista!
of course,
our little shoe-horse added a few new pairs of boots to her collection,
and a computer for all the studying that she will be doing in college.

and Candice spent her time with both families, (I didn't get a picture of her)
 we did give her a portable esthetics/message table! HOORAY!!!
and a new vacuum,
Spencer was trying to give her a hint of what it was, he kept saying, "your gift really sucks"!
 I asked her if she wanted to try it out to see if it worked/sucked on my rugs
she declined!!!

Lynzie got a real pink basketball, at first I thought Caitlyn was so excited for her,
 then upon further examination....
she is yawning!!!
 hey, don't judge folks,
 apparently it's like really, really early.... like 7:30 am!!!!

she got cute clothes, cuz, #1- she is a girl and
#2- because she keeps growing!
she also got a computer too.

I didn't take a lot of pictures this year, as we were just laughing and enjoying being in the moment.
We hope ya'all had a Merry Christmas with a re-newed love for Our Savior.

P.S. remember how I was feeling a little grinchy this year, well, I didn't get my Christmas cards sent out just yet....
so now, they will be New Years Cards instead!

love ya.